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 The Thomas Flarety Stories

Small Magics Cover

Small Magics

Thomas Flarety discovers magic in a world where no one believes in it anymore, except for one person who is willing to kill to possess it all!

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Cold Magics CoverCold Magics

Trapped in a frozen city, Thomas must hide his magic from those who would hang him for witchcraft while using it to stop the raiders from destroying them all.

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True_Magics_Small True Magics

Both The High Father’s church and the king want control of magic, and Thomas is caught in the middle

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Published Short Stories

Villain_FrontCover_SmallWhen the Villain Comes Home

Featuring my story, “Cycle of Revenge”!

Following on the theme of “When the Hero Comes Home” this excellent anthology gives us a glimpse into what happens to villains after their story is over.

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When the Hero Comes Home

When the Hero Comes Home

Featuring my story, “The Evil that Remains”!

This great anthology from Dragon Moon Press asks the question “What happens after the story ends?”

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Free Flash Fiction


All new short-short stories, released regularly on the unsuspecting world…



The Christmas Ghost Story Collection


Because what’s Christmas without a few ghosts…


Works in Progress

(and therefore not deserving of their own page…yet)

The King Below (novel)

Eight hundred years apart, two young men find themselves searching for answers to the same mystery. The King Below is going to rise, and only they can stop him…

City of Phantoms (novel)

A young girl from the slums of Victorian London risks everything to take on a strange apprenticeship and finds herself surrounded by  ghosts and haunted by a past that will not let her go.

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